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As a business owner you know how difficult it is to attract new customers, so don't risk losing them because your site is too slow. Research suggests that around 40% of visitors will go elsewhere if a page takes longer than three seconds to load.


Each page within your website should be as lean as possible, remove all unused scripts and other assets.


Images should be optimised, compression enabled, scripts minified and hosting properly configured.


Test your website on a range of different devices to see how it performs, making adjustments as necessary.

Our Performance Process

Each of our custom WordPress themes is built from the ground up to be lean and perform well. Scripts and other assets are loaded on a per-page basis as needed, and all other performance guidelines and standards are observed throughout the process.

We generally achieve a load time of one second or less with our custom themes (hosted on our servers), with commercial themes this is usually around three seconds.

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Performance Optimisation by Hillside Studio


Designed from the outset to be fully responsive and look fantastic on all devices.


We develop your website using either a commercial theme or one we build from scratch.


Woocommerce is an established and powerful ecommerce system designed for WordPress.


We aim to achieve page load times of one second or under, achievable with bespoke themes.


A range of techniques and tools are used to help protect your website against attacks.


Following delivery of your project we're here for ongoing support, maintenance and development.

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